Looking For An Exterminator? Here are 12 Qualities You Should Consider

When everything in an infestation comes to worse, the last resort would be to tap the help of professional exterminators. However, hiring one isn’t as easy as calling 911 for help. There are many termite pest control companies that give effective approaches, but choosing one could be a challenge. It’s the make-or-break part of the extermination and if you want to get the value of your money, you should be wise in picking one.

Here, I’ll give you the 12 qualities and qualifications for a pest control company that you can use as a guide. It’s not necessary that a company possesses everything, just go for the majority of these points and you’re golden.

1. Their experience speaks for their quality

A pest control company that’s been in the industry for at least ten years would have enough experience in handling different kinds of termite infestation. This is where the experience speaks for the quality of their work through past clients’ reviews and referrals. Aside from the years of service, a company should also have a good track record of their past work.

2. They have excellent customer service

A company that will cater your questions is a sign that you’re in good hands. You should always ask about the chemicals they are planning to use on your property as well as the terms of their service. If the person you’re talking to responded with evident impatience, it might be time to check another service provider.

termite pest control companies

3. They have a wide variety of treatment methods

Termite infestations aren’t made equal. Each termite type, property location, and the homeowner’s preference would require different treatment methods. A company you’re planning to hire should have a variety of options ranging from chemical and non-chemical approaches. This way, you’re sure that the property is getting a treatment tailored for the infestation based on what the termite pest control companies can offer.

4. There are licensed pest control technicians

Most property owners wouldn’t mind if the company has licensed technicians or not. As long as the guys can do the job, the deal is done. But here’s one thing you should know: licensed technicians are skilled. They know how to handle abrasive chemicals properly and they follow certain industry standards for the safety of the homeowner, the property, the surroundings, and their selves.

5. They don’t offer weird packages

Package deals could sound like a saving grace for homeowners who are on a budget. But if the company offers you weird ones, you should start thinking twice. A termite extermination offered in a package of house repairs might not be a good investment. Chances are the exterminators are only good in one aspect or incompetent on both. It’s always best to hire an expert than to spend more money for another service.

6. They don’t force a prospective client to sign the deal right away

Hiring termite pest control companies involves spending money. A homeowner would need to weigh the options to save more without the expense of the service’s quality. If a company forces you to sign the contract right away, ask for some time for you to check their services offered. In case they still insist, you may want to take a step back and consider other companies.

termite pest control companies

7. They stick to a linear foot or square foot pricing

A termite treatment, among other pest control services, is measured by either linear foot or square foot. This is cheaper than availing a per-gallon pricing where you can be easily ripped off. Usually, this method would cost more as the exterminators can easily overuse the chemicals to get more profit from the service. This is the most important reminder as it entails changes in the cost.

8. They are EPA compliant

The EPA suggests the industry standards exterminators should practice in terms of handling and using chemicals for pest control. There are about 300 chemicals licensed for this purpose and the company personnel should duly follow strict rules in the application of the said pesticides depending on the location and setting of the property. This is why secret formulas are a no-no in hiring a pest control company.

9. They can advise what to do during the treatment

Different treatment methods would likely require you to vacate the property or remove some belongings that can get damaged during the session. An effective pest control company would advise about this to prevent any accident or structural harm. As a property owner, you should be present during the treatment so you can also assist the exterminators around the house if need be.

10. They give free quotes and possible free inspection too

Free quotes are typical in many termite pest control companies so they can lure more customers to avail their service. If you’re lucky, you can find a service provider that offers free inspection along with the treatment option that suits the infestation. This is a money-saver as termite inspections would cost around $100 or more depending on the company rates.

termite pest control companies

11. The service cost equates quality

Cheap doesn’t always mean inefficiency and high prices don’t always entail quality. Make sure that the company can reasonably equate their rates on the effectiveness of the treatment. Always ask for guarantees in case the initial treatment fails to eliminate the entire population of the mites.

12. They have a liability insurance

A company that has liability insurance is a good catch as they will be answerable to any damage your property might acquire during the treatment. This is added security for your money. Besides, skilled and licensed exterminators would not likely use this insurance if the treatment is administered properly. Still, it’s added peace of mind on your part.

Different termite pest control companies have varying offers and it’s up to you to choose one that promises the best results. These tips I gave here could be your guide to pay the right people and to finally eradicate the pest that munches on your home.