10 Reasons Why Termite Inspection For Home Purchase Is Crucial Before Signing The Deal

So you’re buying a new house and you’re so excited that you already want to sign the papers right away. But before you do, let’s put the hype to a screeching halt. The house is gorgeous, but there’s something you might not be seeing in the hidden crevices of your dream home. Nope, these aren’t ghosts or dead bodies. These are pests that could be eating the house down for long, probably one of the reasons it’s being sold. If you want to be a wise buyer, go ahead and pay for a termite inspection for home purchase.

This step will ensure that you’re putting your money on a safe investment. You might spend more in the future if you don’t discover right away that there are pests infesting the property. So before you ink the deal, here are some important reasons behind an inspection.

1. Lending institutions will require this

If ever you’re planning to refinance the house shortly after you bought it, you should know that lending institutions would require an inspection before they decide on your application. If ever there were damages both incurred by pests and other causes, it would have to cured or repaired first. Lending investors want secure investment so you should have the same mindset too.

As you know, repairs and treatments aren’t really cheap especially if the infestation has grown larger over the months. This will also be necessary if you’re buying the house as an investment property. Selling it to the next owner would also require a termite inspection for home purchase. In some instances, the seller pays for the inspection. If you already asked for this in the past, you can save money either way. Quite smart for a buyer and definitely worth the hassle.

2. Pest infestation affects the value of the property

Any factors that could be detrimental to the property will definitely hit the price. This includes location, history, build, and infestations present in the house. If you’re investing your hard-earned money, you should make sure that you’re not getting ripped off. See to it to have the place checked for pests like termites. If there are already present signs, you should talk to the present owner about a termite inspection for home purchase.

Termite infestation is a key factor in real estate competition. Everyone wants to make his or her houses to look at its best during a public viewing. If you’re buying, don’t get blindsided with the outside look. Venture inside and see for yourself if there are damages. Getting it inspected would also be a wise move but it depends on the arrangement of whoever will pay the service.

termite inspection for home purchase

3. It’s part of the total disclosure of the past owner

Here in the U.S., selling any real estate property requires full disclosure including structural problems present in the house, occupant history, and legal issues encountered in the past. Some owners can disclose whatever issues they have knowledge about and it becomes crucial when they don’t have a clue about a present infestation.

Some states impose a stricter rule that subjects the previous owner to have the knowledge of all the defects in the property. If they fail to do this, it can be brought to court by the buyer, which could be you, for compensation claims. Even leaky pipes or flooding basements could be a major issue so if you want to spare the seller and yourself the hassle of the legal processes, it’s best to have the house inspected for termites and other issues.

In case you find out that the seller lied about an infestation, you can file a complaint with your locality.

4. It will result in earlier prevention

Setting the legal and personal issues aside, the early detection of the infestation would prevent the spread of the damage. This is important if you’re really bent on purchasing the property. You can work hand in hand with the seller to fix the problem, may it be structural or cleanliness related. If you don’t invest for a termite inspection for home purchase, the damage could get worse and you might end up in a legal entanglement just to get compensation. To remind you, it’s not free to avail the service of a lawyer.

Overall, knowing if there’s an infestation or not will save you money and time. Like how the trite saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” It will cost some bucks now but nothing beats the early diagnosis that will savage your dream house’s structural integrity.

5. The result of the inspection is a game-changer

No homeowner would like to invest in a house infested with pests. If you already saw some signs of termite damage, you should ask for an inspection right away. The result of this would be a game-changer as the price may go down or you might decide not to proceed with the purchase. Knowing whether the house is infested or not will also reflect on the property’s standing in the market.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase the house right away. The infestation could only be small and contained so you may want to give it a consideration. Also, it pays to talk to the exterminators who inspected the house. Ask about the extent of the damage and if the house has been treated in the past. If it turned out to be a small issue and are just remnants of a past treatment, you might want to give it a go.

termite inspection for home purchase

6. Termites are fast destroyers

Let it sit for weeks and the termites would have eaten another block of wood in the basement. Buying a house without the termite inspection for home purchase means a higher risk of losses as a property is also an investment. These pests are fast destroyers and they can already compromise the structure in just a matter of months depending on how large the colony is.

Ask for an inspection even before you sign the deal so you can act on it the moment the inspectors discover the presence of termites. Like what I always say, early prevention is your only defense against the damaging effects of termites. Regardless if you’re going to buy the house or not, inspecting is like doing the next possible buyer a favor.

7. An inspection will protect your money

Houses don’t just cost a few hundreds of bucks. We’re talking about thousands or millions so it’s just right to get all the security you can get on a property. Termite infestation is a headache when it comes to treatment costs and the hassle of structural damage. If the seller failed to raise the red flag before you sign the deal, you’re doomed to spend more on your new abode.

If you have to be bold about it, do so, and ask for a termite inspection for home purchase. This is very important if you’re investing in an expensive property. Make sure that you clarify the terms to the previous owners so you have something to count on if ever there are other damages.

Money is money and no one would want to throw it away just because a house is beautiful from the inside. Again, be a wise buyer!

8. A present infestation will allow you to bargain more

In case you really like the house or it meant something to you, the discovery of an infestation might allow some room for bargaining. You can request for a cut in the price since there’s a question on the house’s integrity due to the damage incurred by the mites. However, bargain within realistic ranges and don’t use the infestation as a leverage to rip off the seller.

Always remember that you should get a price that won’t hurt your budget once you have to deal with the treatment. If the damage is widespread, you should make a compromise with the seller to either split the cost or give you a larger discount on the price. If you want to have a sure deal, ask the seller to fix the problem first before you ink the purchase.

termite inspection for home purchase

9. Termites can jeopardize the integrity of the property

This is the main point of a termite inspection for home purchase. Termite infestation is the number one threat to the structural integrity of a house, and if you don’t give this much attention, your new abode might start crumbling to the ground. Over and over again, be a smart buyer and be meticulous on the damages you’re seeing. Always ask for a full disclosure and a guarantee if ever there are undiscovered issues on the property.

Anyway, an inspection would always be the best move if you want to be sure. Don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks before you sign the purchase.

10. Some termites might not be in the house itself

Remember that termites aren’t just inside the house. It could be harboring under the ground in the yard or it could be swarmers flying around. This is the reason why you need professional inspection as visual checking on your part may not be enough in spotting the signs of an infestation.

Most exterminators would dig a trench around the house to check for termite networks. Make sure that the owner agrees first before the termite inspection for home purchase. Anyway, not all sellers would likely include the yard on the inspection because most buyers would focus on the house and its interiors.

Some termite species could be hideous and it’s not enough to have a visual inspection. Pest experts have devices to detect termite infestation without the need to cut the wood surface or dig under the soil.

For added peace of mind, you can request this even if it means splitting the cost of the service.

A termite inspection for home purchase is every wise buyer’s request before entertaining the idea of signing the papers. You should also have the same diligence to ensure that your hard-earned money won’t go to the destructive claws of termites. It’s also a matter of security and compliance if ever you’re going to sell the house in the future. Do you have a prospect house you’re planning to buy? Share your inspection experience with us!