What To Expect: Your Complete Guide To Home Termite Inspection

A termite house inspection looks basic, but someone who doesn’t have any idea about it, such activity would be a challenge. The exterminators would do the job for you but you should also know what to expect including the areas they will check, the duration of it, what you need to prepare, and what would happen after the inspection. On this post, I’ll give you some insights so you can prepare before the pest control experts arrive at your doorstep.

Just remember that these steps vary depending on the company you’re going to hire. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask the providers. We would also love to help you out!

What are the benefits of a termite house inspection?

First, a termite inspection is the first and crucial step in preventing a potential infestation. Many breeding colonies are discovered during this phase and exterminated even before it spread. This means less damage and lower expenses on repairing your termite-infested home. If you’re planning to buy a house, a termite inspection would be a game-changer on whether you’re still going to buy the house or not.

Another benefit of having a termite inspect at your home is you’ll get professional help form the pest experts. This is added peace of mind instead of poking into the tiny crevices by yourself. If you have at least one piece of wooden furniture and a wooden beam at your house, you should have it inspected at least once a year. It’s better than applying DIY remedies by yourself in the future.

termite house inspection

Why do you need it?

If you want to avoid termites, then your house should undergo inspection. It’s almost impossible to check every inch of your living space just to see if you there are harboring termites. The experts have devices and techniques in locating the pest that’s time and energy-saving.  You have to remember that the inspection isn’t just about your house, it also includes the yard as termites can also harbor underground.

In case you already have the gut feel of an infestation, you should call a pest control company right away. Letting the infestation sit for a few more weeks and days will just incur more damage to your property.

Why do you need it? It’s a no-brainer to know that a termite house inspection will help you in the early diagnosis of the problem. Yes, it will cost something but you just can’t trade professional help over home remedies.

Do I have to sign something?

Just like any other home transaction, you would have to sign a pre-inspection agreement with the company you hired. The agreement comes in different forms depending on the purpose of the inspection. It could either be an inspection for home purchase or timber inspection for commercial purposes. There is a lot more variation to this which depends on what a company can offer.

Most likely, the agreement would be simpler for basic home inspections. Just make sure to read everything that’s written on it so you can discuss any section that you don’t agree with the exterminators.

The content of the agreement may or may not contain a subsequent treatment agreement. You should clarify this with your service provider.

How will you choose the pest inspectors?

Choosing a pest control company for the actual treatment is as important in choosing one for a separate inspection. You have to do your homework of researching the local pest control companies in your area. National level companies could have higher costs but you can still contact them if you have the budget to shell out for a pricey termite house inspection.

Of course, you should look for licenses, permits, and other proof that they are legitimately running their business. The years of operation would matter a lot as it says much about the experience of the exterminators in dealing with the different extent of infestations.

In case your house is already infested, you can also hire the inspecting exterminators for the treatment. Just avoid companies that will just offer package deals like repairing a part of your house together with the treatment. Chances are they’re not good in one of it.

How much would it cost?

The price depends on the rates of the company. Like what I said, local ones are more affordable. Most likely, it would be around $60 to $100 that already includes the Wood Destroying Insect Report. The good news is that some companies would give the service for free but you would have to pay for the report for $100 if you want to have a copy. But as much as possible, stick to paid inspections as the exterminators are more detail-oriented when you put your money on it. That way, you can also bombard them with questions without feeling very guilty.

If you’re availing an inspection for home purchase, it might cost roughly $250 to $350 as it has a continuous one-year warranty. Also, houses subject to selling are usually not granted the ‘free inspection’ benefit.

termite house inspection

What areas would be checked?

On a typical termite house inspection, the areas the exterminators would check are windows, doors, soil, wooden beams, walls, possible access points, and more. The pest control experts would usually look for the signs of infestation like discarded wings, frass, and mud tubes inside and outside your house. They would also trench the soil on the edge of your house to see if there are networks under the ground. The personnel would also go through your attic and basement to check for possible termite harborage. You should be around while they inspect so you can answer their questions about your house. If your basement has a crawlspace, make sure to let the exterminators know.

The walls would be checked for moisture level using some special devices. If it’s above normal, it would raise a red flag for a possible infestation.

How long would the termite house inspection be?

Every inspection would likely last up to an hour. This could be less or more depending on the size of your home and the thoroughness of the inspection. Other factors like location, clutter, furniture, and other personal items can slow down the inspectors and prolong the inspection. If you’re planning to avail the service, get your hands to the dirt and remove some bog boxes that can block the way from your basement. Dusting your attic a bit would also be a big favor for the inspectors.

Aside from knowing how long a session would last, you might also be wondering about how many times your house needs to be inspected. This depends on your discretion and the advice of the pest control company.

What should you do next?

This part depends on the result of the inspection. If there’s already an infestation, the pest control company would surely recommend that you avail the treatment. If there’s none, you can move on or continue the contract for future inspections.

The pre-inspection agreement you signed beforehand will play a big role here as it may have a clause that states an automatic availment of the treatment in the event of an infestation. This is unlikely but it’s better to be sure than sorry.

But before anything else, talk with the inspectors. Ask them about the results and the technicalities of the Wood Destroying Insect Report and what else you should know about it. You should get a good grasp of the condition of your house especially if there are present termites.

termite house inspection

Am I required to proceed with a treatment?

Again, this depends on the result of the termite house inspection. If there’s an infestation, you should definitely give the treatment a push. Time is also your enemy during an infestation and letting the termites eating by without urgent treatment will cost you more in the future.

When it comes to being required, it’s more of an encouraged choice for you. You have the freedom to not avail the treatment or to choose another pest control company to do it. What matter is that you address the infestation right away.

Just remember that the treatment should be priced by square foot and not by the gallon of the chemicals. You might be a newbie in termite inspection and treatment but you’re not going to be ripped off.

If your house is free of the pest, there’s no need for the treatment to take place. Still, you should perform preventive measures that you can manage by yourself. This includes applying commercially available pesticides and regular cleaning of your house.

What should you remember?

The basic thing you should remember is to be present during the inspection. Don’t expect for the inspectors to arrive at your house and do their job even if you’re not around. They will surely need assistance when it comes to your personal belongings and the construction of your house.

Also, don’t forget t clean up. Remove the thick dust on some parts of the house that will be checked by the inspectors. This will make the process faster.

The last thing you should keep in mind is to ask questions. If you have doubts or concerns about the inspection, never hesitate to ask the personnel. They would be glad to help you out.

A termite house inspection is the best way to prevent termites. Consulting the experts is one of the most effective strategies to fight the pest and to cut the possible cost of repairs in the future. Regardless if it’s your first time or not to avail an inspection, this post would surely be a handy reference on what to expect. Do you agree? Let me know below!