The Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Termite Control Methods

Do it yourself termite control is a common thing among infested households. This is cheap-in the time being, at least-and offers an instant solution to the pest problem. But is it really worth the try? Some homemade remedies truly work but only to a limited extent. A larger infestation would need a larger treatment scale that only professional exterminators can successfully perform.

So are DIY methods already dud solutions? Of course, not. Like any other things, it has its pros and cons that are exactly what this post is about.


Readily available

Nothing beats the convenience of having to buy commercial options or concocting a homemade solution. Some ingredients for DIY remedies are already present in most households like essential oils, vinegar, Aloe vera, and salt. When it comes to commercially available baits and chemicals, it becomes even more useful as some can be used to exterminate other insect pests aside from mites.

You can even grab a termite spray while you get your groceries. Also, you can stock some at home so you can have it handy whenever there’s a sign of an infestation.

do it yourself termite control


Some commercially available termiticide concentrates would only cost less than 20 bucks and you can already produce gallons of potent solution. This is way cheaper than hiring a pest control company for an inspection that will already cost around $100. In case, there’s an infestation, the professional treatment would cost you at least $4 in every square foot of your home.

Unlike what the professional exterminators use, commercial options also offer smaller amounts fit for one-time household use. Cheap and convenient, there’s nothing to hate about do it yourself termite control solutions if these are the only things we’re going to consider.

Easy to use

Some chemicals could be a little messy to use like concentrates that you need to mix with water and apply by yourself. However, there are available options that can be sprayed directly to the affected area without the hassle. It’s easy to use, and if paired with some YouTube video guides, you’re golden in employing some DIY preventive measures against the pest.

Almost all the products come with application instructions so you no longer need to refer to online resources.

Product and method choices

Like professional termite treatments, doing DIY stuff also offers a wide variety of chemicals and methods. Do you want a natural way? Try the cardboard box trap! Do you want an all-natural method? Mix those essential oils! You see, there’s a lot of ways to get rid of termites on a property without the need to hire exterminators.

You can also buy a variety of chemicals like sprays, dust, or traps in the market. Some can reasonably have a positive effect in killing handfuls of termites over a specific period of use. Another advantage is you get to try various methods along the way.

No license needed

The EPA should duly license every chemical the professional exterminator uses. It’s not that you have to license it yourself when you avail their service, it’s just that some companies resort to “secret formulas” that may include unlicensed substances.

When it comes to do it yourself termite control, you no longer have to worry about chemical licenses since some can be natural stuff you use for cooking or cleaning. Borax, oils, and Permethrin dust among others are easily available anywhere and you can buy it whenever you need some.

No more hassle hiring pest control services

One thing that most homeowners loathe about termite control is the idea of scouting through dozens of pest control companies. It’s time-consuming and you have to be present on your property during the inspection or treatment application. This is inconvenient for those who don’t have time to spare or those who are always on the go.

With DIY solutions, you can apply the treatment whenever it suits you and you can purchase the chemical whenever you have the budget. Also, DIY solutions don’t have strings attached to contracts and continuing services.

do it yourself termite control


It won’t wipe out the entire termite population

As much as do it yourself termite control can offer real results, it’s not enough to exterminate every single mite present on your property. It will just kill handfuls that can be easily reproduced by the colony. Another disadvantage of using DIY chemicals or methods is that some will only slow down or limit the spread of the termites. The effects of the home remedy also wear out faster than the treatment applied by professional exterminators.

DIY methods might not be the best option if you’re intending to remove all the mites in your house

The infestation might get worse

Some homeowners who use commercially available chemicals think that it’s the one-time solution for the infestation. Some succeed in killing the pest right on but others just send the termites hiding in a more concealed part of the house.

The problem about do it yourself termite control is it’s not systematically applied and there’s no specific plan for the extermination. The DIYer might think that he succeeded in removing the mites only to find out later on that the pest transferred to another part of the house. This might mean larger structural damage and higher treatment costs once you avail the service of professional exterminators.

Some chemicals are harmful to households

Buying the wrong product for the infestation is usually the main problem in DIY methods. It’s for sure that there are tried and tested ingredients on it, but as a newbie, you don’t have enough idea about the specifications. This is the reason why professional extermination would be a better choice for serious infestations.

In addition, some products could be a little shady on the safety issues it might pose. Applying potent chemicals on your household might inflict damage to the surrounding foliage or increase health risk among the household members.

You’re not skilled to use termiticides

No matter how many YouTube videos you watch, you can never be on par with the knowledge of pest experts. Exterminators are licensed by the EPA and therefore highly skilled on handling a variety of infestations including the treatment needed for it. The fact that you’re not trained on using chemicals increases the harm you can inflict on other sentient beings around you.

In short, do it yourself termite control can’t beat the level of extermination a pest control company could give. Even if it means going through a list of possible service providers.

do it yourself termite control

Most chemicals don’t necessarily target termites

Buying a one-spray-kills-all type of pesticide might not actually be the best option. Some of these chemicals may only have a mild effect on termites or it may not work at all. If you want to get rid of the pest in your house using a DIY method, you should at least invest in a termite-specific solution. Still, that won’t beat the assurance experts could give.

As a last word of caution for this point, beware of chemicals that promise a potent kill on almost all insect pests. Chances are these types are loaded with very active chemicals that could be harmful in a household setting.

Results are short-term

It’s unfair to discount the positive effects of DIY termite solutions. Still, we have to accept the fact that its effects could be short-term. It can kill a few dozen termites but this will soon be replenished in the colony.

Do it yourself termite control has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Just remember that this isn’t the long-term solution to the problem. If the infestation is already in the advanced stage, professional help would be needed. You shouldn’t shy away from professional help even if you have to shell out a larger amount. What do you think of DIY methods? Discuss it below in the comment section!