DIY Termite Control Methods That Won’t Fail You In Times Of Need

DIY termite control is a staple among households. It’s a quick revenge on the termites infesting the wooden beams of the property. But as much as it’s convenient, some of these methods could go wrong. It can either kill a handful of mites successfully or it will just worsen the infestation. But here’s the good news, there are home remedies that are guaranteed to yield positive results if done properly.

Here are some examples that you can practice in your own home.

1. Properly using liquid termiticides

There are many commercially available liquid termiticides, but the key here is getting the most effective one. Termidor is one of the most popular choices and it yields high success rate if used for DIY pest control. You just simply bore holes on the affected wood and pump the solution you made out of the liquid concentrate. The likes of Termidor and Taurus SC have low resistance tendencies and it can kill termites upon contact. If you want a cheaper choice, opt for Taurus SC.

Just keep in mind that using these commercial termiticides would only protect your property against termites for about six years. Professional extermination can have a 20-year effectiveness given continuous inspections.

2. Setting up commercial baits

In case you want to rule out chemical options, you can use baits that you can buy with the same ease with that of liquid termiticides. These are placed directly on the ground and in multiple locations so the termites can establish many food sources at the same time. Toxicants will be added consequently to kill the termites while they eat the bait food.

Always keep up with the different technologies used in baits to get the most effective one. One of the most recommended DIY termite control options is the Trelona Bait System that can lure a whole colony. But for this to happen, you have to ensure that the baits aren’t disturbed by pets or other occupants of the property.

DIY termite control

3. Using pesticide dust

There are conditions that may hinder the use of chemicals and baits, and if this is the case, you can maximize different pesticide dusts to control the population of the pest. One of the most popular choices is the diatomaceous earth that is safe to use even with kids and pets around. You can also utilize the likes of Permethrin and Arsenic dust to target termites and other insect pests that harbor on your property.

The most potent choice is the Arsenic dust as it has a cannibalistic characteristic. Once a termite dies from it, any insect that will feed on the remains would also ingest the deadly substance.

These are relatively safe but always practice extra caution to avoid any health issue within the household.

4. Utilizing salt

If you want the safest and most convenient DIY termite control approach, grab that bottle of salt and some water. Dilute salt in equal parts of water so you can come up with a potent substance that contains high salinity levels. You can make it as salty as you want to increase the potency of the solution.  Just bore holes in the wood and inject the salt solution or you can use a spray bottle to apply it to the infested areas.

Keep in mind that salt would only yield low results. This is far from the success rates of termiticides but it’s still a good option in case of a small infestation.

5. Administering liquid nitrogen

Termites die in the usual heat treatments but they also detest too much cold temperature. Any temperature lower than 20F is a lethal condition for the pest. For you to achieve this, you will have to use liquid nitrogen. Just bore holes in the wood and inject the freezing chemical. This will kill the termites in a matter of seconds. Always wear gloves and mask when applying this to avoid irritation and contact with the skin.

Liquid nitrogen is crazily cold at -346F and it could cause blisters on the human skin that would heal for as long as two weeks. Just avoid pouring this in water as the nitrogen would produce a boiling effect.

DIY termite control

6. Applying orange oil

If you’re dealing with pesky drywood termites that rarely go out of harborage, orange oil would be the answer. This oil is an extract from orange peels that contain a high concentration of d-limonene. Such substance is potent and it will kill termites in a few seconds. You will have to drill holes in the wood and inject the oil. Upon contact, the acidity levels would damage the cell membranes of the mites that will lead to instant deaths.

Be careful in handling this DIY termite control substance, as it’s highly harmful to humans. Accidental ingestion of orange oil could lead to serious stomach problems. Contact on skin and eyes could also induce irritation. Remember that professional exterminators use this on the fumigation process where the occupants of the property are advised to vacate.

7. Using boric acid

This common household cleaning agent is also an abrasive termite infestation remedy. Upon contact, this will dehydrate the termites by drying up their sensitive exoskeleton. It will also alter the nervous system of the pest, thus, sure deaths in just a matter of days. You can dilute this with water and use it as a spray to treat the wood where the pest is foraging.

Always practice precautions when using boric acid as it’s a very potent substance that can also cause injuries to humans. Wear safety gears during application and keep the children and pets away from the area.

These DIY termite control approaches are better than using bug bombs to eradicate the pest. As much as bug bombs don’t work on termites, it doesn’t have efficient results on bugs either. It would only drive the termites into seeking a more secluded harborage that will require another treatment session.

Home remedies might not be as effective as professional extermination but you can make it work its wonders in controlling the population of the insect pest.